Application Terms

Please read the following statements carefully before signing this application. Only those applications that are signed and dated are considered valid. If you have any questions regarding this statement, please ask before signing.

An application is considered signed when you click the button below, and submit an application online.

I understand that knowingly making a false statement or omission on my application may be sufficient cause for rejection of my application or dismissal after employment. I hereby authorize One Source Supply to investigate the information contained herein and release all references, previous employers and schools from any damages resulting from such information.

I understand that this employment application and any other such One Source Supply documents are not contracts of employment and that, if hired, I may voluntarily leave employment and may be terminated by One Source Supply at any time for any reason.

If employed by One Source Supply, I understand and agree that such employment is subject to all One Source Supply Policies and Procedures.

One Source Supply has a policy on maintaining a drug-free workplace and I understand that this policy may require me during employment to randomly submit to a urinalysis to test for the presence of controlled substances and/or illegal drugs to be conducted by a contracted health facility, clinic or lab. I further recognize that an offer of employment is contingent on taking and passing a drug screen as well as a pre-employment physical, which are paid for by One Source Supply. I agree to submit to such exam and/or test and hereby authorize release and disclosure of the results to One Source Supply. I acknowledge that if the results which show presence of controlled substances or illegal drugs, may result in denial or termination of my employment. I agree to sign any documents that may be necessary in order to permit the release and disclosure to One Source Supply of any medical exam and/or tests for controlled substances or illegal drugs. I agree that if employed I will be subject to the terms of One Source Supply's policy on maintaining a drug-free workplace as described in the Drug-Free Workplace Policy which I will be given the opportunity to read before signing any such consent for testing.

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply.

By clicking the button below you are electronically signing your application, and agreeing to the terms above.